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Third day of 14th Gdańsk DocFilm Festival

25-th June 2016

On the third day of the festival, the competition screenings will begin at 12:00, with “Sick” by Hrvoje Mabic, whom we will talk to after the screening. The film is a story of a sixteen year old Ana, whose parents are not able to accept the fact that the girl is a lesbian. At 4:10PM, we will listen to Łódź inhabitants' ‎‎night conversations about the end of the world in Monika Pawluczuk's film under the same title. After the screening, there will be a video conference with the author. After the screening of “Drifter”, a story of a rebellious teenager from a small village who dreams of a car racing career, we will also talk to its director, Gábor Hörcher. The screening starts at 8:15PM.
The other competition screenings are: “A passion of Gold and Fire” by Sebastien Pins, “K2. Touching the Sky” by Eliza Kubarska, the Oscar nominee “Body Team 12” by David Darg, “Eye for an Eye” by Steve Bach, “Chau. Beyond the Lines” by Courtney Marsh and “Family Affair” by Tom Fassaert.
We will simultaneously screen three Krzysztof Kieślowski's documentaries in the historic Sala BHP: “Workers '71: Nothing About Us Without Us”, “Curriculum Vitae” and “Talking Heads”. The three titles are connected by Jacek Petrycki, the DoP who worked on many films by the master of Polish cinema.
After the screenings, there will be a meeting with the outstanding DoP. At 2:15PM, we will start a retrospective of Paweł Woldan's documentaries. Woldan is the head of our festival's jury this year. We will show images from the late 80s: “Education”, “Group”, “Mr. Szperlik” and “Opportunity for Girls”. After the last film, there will be a meeting with the director. We have also planned a masterclass by a member of our jury, Klaus Schmutzer, a TV and film producer. He will talk about the interpretation of history in documentary for Saturday. It will be held in the Temporary Exhibition Room at the European Solidarity Centre at 5:00PM.

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