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Anything Can Happen

Poland 1995 dir. Marcel Łoziński 39 min

  • Director: Marcel Łoziński

The main protagonist of the film is a resolute six-year-old boy, Tomek Łoziński. He gets to know the world riding his scooter through the park. On the way he stops to smell the flowers, chase butterflies, feed a squirrel or swans. But most of all he stops next to the benches standing along the parkways, where the elderly women and man sit. As he is talking to them, he is confronting his knowledge with their experiences. He is learning about the need for faith and the inevitability of death, the value of health, work and family, the ailments of old age, the reasons of poverty, the role of memory, the paths of people’s lives which are influenced both by history and their own decisions. He learns that solitude can be a curse, but also an appreciated value. He does not want to realize that his destiny is already written. He does not want to come to terms with inevitability. Being full of infant illusions he is convinced that anything can happen in our life: we can meet a small dinosaur or an elderly man in glasses can live 120 years or even more. Tomek’s ride through the park gradually turns into symbolical journey through life.

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