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Casa Blanca

Poland, Cuba, Mexico 2015 dir. Aleksandra Maciuszek 61 min

Date of show:



6:30 PM


Europejskie Centrum Solidarności

  • Director: Aleksandra Maciuszek

Casa Blanca is a tiny fishing village in Cuba. Nelsa and her son Vladimir live in a small flat in an overcrowded, multi-family tenement. Vladimir suffers from Down syndrome, however he is the only caretaker of ailing Nelsa, while she is the only guardian of the boy, who easily gets into trouble. Their life is characterized by both conflicts and moments of touching affection; the woman tries to control her son, while he prefers to spend time with fishermen, helping them work, frolicking about and drinking rum.
Almost every day Nelsa wanders the streets of Casa Blanca, looking for her only child who doesn’t want to come home.
One day the condition of the woman deteriorates.

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