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  • Banach. Between Spirit and The matter

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Wiesław Saniewski | 56 min

    Documentary film tells the story of the outstanding Polish mathematician Stefan Banach, one of the most important scientists in the history of world science. His discoveries had and still have a great impact not only on scientific research, but also on applications in industry, medicine, security, etc. His discoveries underpin the modern digitization of the world. Stefan Banach and the Lviv school of mathematics are mentioned, among others, by: mathematician prof. Roman Duda, former rector of the University of Wrocław; outstanding scientist, geneticist and oncologist, permanently residing in the USA prof. Wacław Szybalski; Krakow mathematicians; Mariusz Urbanek, author of a book about Polish mathematicians in Lviv, entitled "Geniuses - the Lviv school of mathematics’. A retired Swedish mathematician Per Enflo is a guide to the contemporary world of applications of Banach space. He is the last laureate of the award of Polish mathematicians, gathered in Lviv around the person of Stefan Banach, for solving a previously unsolved problem posed by Lviv mathematicians during traditional meetings in the now defunct "Scottish Cafe". In 1972, the laureate received from the mathematician from the "Banach School" prof. Stanisław Mazur prize ... a live goose. The film shows, among others staged scenes with the participation of the great-grandson of Stefan Banach and the grandchildren of the Swedish mathematician, serving to explain the greatness and importance of the Polish scientist in the contemporary world; talks with the closest relative of Stefan Banach - John Greczek; various documentary materials, such as photos of the original "Scottish Book" from New Zealand, or photographs of pre-war and war Lviv. The film was shot in Wrocław, Lviv, Kraków, Sweden and the USA.

  • Going for gold

    Poland, 2020 | Director: Ksawery Szczepanik | 61 min

    The story of the legendary Polish pole vaulter - Władysław Kozakiewicz. At the Olympics in Moscow in 1980, Kozakiewicz shows an unsportsmanlike, offensive gesture to the Soviet audience in front of millions of TV viewers. The gesture is considered a political provocation. In Poland dominated by the Soviet Union, Kozakiewicz becomes ... a national hero, gaining popularity and influence. However, when a crisis of form comes, the distinguished pole vaulter is caught by sports activists faithful to the communist regime. Will the pole-loving jumper manage to get back to the top?

  • A Split, or Gombro in Berlin

    Poland, 2004 | Director: Wiesław Saniewski | 60 min

    In 1963, an outstanding Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz came to Berlin from Argentina for a one-year Ford scholarship (currently the DAAD cultural funding programme). The film tells the story of his time in this city. Despite being so close to Poland, he unknowingly moved further away from it during his stay. "Split" is a docu-fiction based on Gombrowicz's "Diary". The writer was played by Wojciech Ziemiański, an actor from Wroclaw. After the pre-premiere screening of the film, Rita Gombrowicz declared that Ziemiański is indistinguishable from Gombrowicz. The film was shot in Berlin and Buenos Aires, as well as in Poland (Gorzów Wielkopolski and Barlinek). The film received a Platinum Remi Award at Houston MFF.

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