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  • Banach. Between Spirit and The matter

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Wiesław Saniewski | 56 min

    Documentary film tells the story of the outstanding Polish mathematician Stefan Banach, one of the most important scientists in the history of world science. His discoveries had and still have a great impact not only on scientific research, but also on applications in industry, medicine, security, etc. His discoveries underpin the modern digitization of the world. Stefan Banach and the Lviv school of mathematics are mentioned, among others, by: mathematician prof. Roman Duda, former rector of the University of Wrocław; outstanding scientist, geneticist and oncologist, permanently residing in the USA prof. Wacław Szybalski; Krakow mathematicians; Mariusz Urbanek, author of a book about Polish mathematicians in Lviv, entitled "Geniuses - the Lviv school of mathematics’. A retired Swedish mathematician Per Enflo is a guide to the contemporary world of applications of Banach space. He is the last laureate of the award of Polish mathematicians, gathered in Lviv around the person of Stefan Banach, for solving a previously unsolved problem posed by Lviv mathematicians during traditional meetings in the now defunct "Scottish Cafe". In 1972, the laureate received from the mathematician from the "Banach School" prof. Stanisław Mazur prize ... a live goose. The film shows, among others staged scenes with the participation of the great-grandson of Stefan Banach and the grandchildren of the Swedish mathematician, serving to explain the greatness and importance of the Polish scientist in the contemporary world; talks with the closest relative of Stefan Banach - John Greczek; various documentary materials, such as photos of the original "Scottish Book" from New Zealand, or photographs of pre-war and war Lviv. The film was shot in Wrocław, Lviv, Kraków, Sweden and the USA.

  • Boys Don’t Cry

    Netherlands, Italy, 2019 | Director: Bobbie Faren Műller | 10 min

    This documental movie is a combination of performance and social experiment. In a short time we are able to observe a conversation between a woman and a group of young men. They are answering questions about difficult, private moments in their lives and talking about their reflections on the “male” way of experiencing emotions. The goal of the experiment is to create awareness among young men as to why is it so difficult for them to show frailness in modern world.  

  • Dad You’ve Never Had

    Poland, 2020 | Director: Dominika Łapka | 30 min

    Intimate portrait of a daughter, who has been abandoned by her father years ago. After a long time of maintaining contact through letters, a confrontation takes place in father’s apartment. “Dad You’ve Never Had” is an autothematic tale of looking for tracks of love, truth, dignity, but also of overwhelming longing for paternity love and a sense that it is never going to be fulfilled.

  • Today, tomorrow… yesterday

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Diana Kadłubowska, Krzysztof Kadłubowski | 53 min

    A family portrait of women from three generations, who after the war inherited Holocaust trauma, which becomes a cause of mental complications and inability to communicate. Judyta’s mother and grandmother are living in their own worlds. Judyta, representative of the third generation of Children of the Holocaust, is coming back to her roots by becoming an Orthodox Jew. She makes a decision to face her demons from the past and reconcile mother with grandmother, who are foreign and hostile toward each other. She is doing it for herself.

  • Weirdy

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Paweł Dyllus | 30 min

    After a long break, Bogdan Dziworski, a remarkable photographer and director, comes back with a new movie. While working on a movie set, Paweł Dyllus, operator, decides to make his own movie collaterally – which would portray Dziworski at work. Between director and operator forms a curious bond. Master is the one who appears to control the pictures, even though this time he is on the other side of the camera. In the centre of this story appears a contemplation of movie picture and emotions that appear during everyday life. In effect, an episodic, intriguing movie tale is created.

  • The exam

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Bartosz Paduch | 27 min

    The story of Bastek, a teenager who paints graffiti and deals drugs to earn a living. The boy dreams of a different future. He wants to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. His ambitious plans may become a reality but the price he will have to pay for it is huge. A film about moral choices and their consequences.

  • Tumble

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Milena Dutkowska | 30 min

    The main strengths of Milena Dutkowska's film are both the concept and the assumed way of presenting the change that takes place in the everyday rituals of Adam, a thirty-year-old living with his overprotective mother. A guardian angel, sent to earth with a mission, unexpectedly enters the man's world. Will the mission be successful, given that the guardian angel is extremely clumsy? Does the relationship between man and guardian angel have to be based on trust and care? How will Adam deal with a man in a grey suit following him step by step?

  • Hi, how are you

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Michał Chmielewski | 25 min

    A story of a meeting of Sławek, an unemployed fifty-year-old man played by Jacek Poniedziałek, and his remarkable young neighbour, Kamila. The story is told "between the lines" and is a portrayal of people who cannot find themselves in their immediate surroundings, but who experience a different dimension of their existence in a garden nearby. The film, a serene look at a person freed from their trivial duties, changes the color of filters through which we look at others.

  • In the Arms of Morpheus

    Netherlands, 2019 | Director: Marc Schmidt | 82 min

    In his newest movie, Marc Schmidt explores the material of creation that is phantasm. “In the Arms of Morpheus” gains an insight into the dreaming domain, tries to explain phenomenons which are still unfathomed and incomprehensible, and which form fantastic aspects of our lives. This cinematographic experience brings us closer to understanding the real meaning of our dreams.

  • The End of the Season

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Stanisław Cuske | 20 min

    An observational documentary by a young director shows a couple of elderly people who spend their free time sailing together on the lakes for years. Every day brings something new, and the enclosed space of the yacht is conducive to reflection and memories. The sentimental mood is built by old melodies that ring out over the water in the evenings.

  • Marcel

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Marcin Mikulski | 26 min

    Nobody notices Marcel, as if he was invisible and had disappeared from the social radar. In his intriguing film, Marcin Mikulski explores the experience of a person's (un)belonging to the world. The character of Marcel seems to be an allegory of mediocrity. Nobody pays attention to him since his childhood, nothing depends on him, but also nobody expects anything from him. Other people have to face social pressure, while he leads a blissful life without any duties until he finds himself “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

  • My country so beautiful

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Grzegorz Paprzycki | 29 min

    This observational document is made up from pictures of various demonstrations, riots and antifascist outbreaks, which took place in Poland in recent years. It presents an image of a divided nation living in a country in which nationalism is a disputable issue: for some it is an expression of love for your motherland, and for others it is a sign of increasing aggression and miscomprehension of Polish history. In his movie, Grzegorz Paprzycki looks closely at both sides, letting their deeds speak for themselves. "My country so beautiful" gained appreciation on many festivals, in Poland and abroad. It was awarded on Krakow Film Festival, “Młodzi i Film” festival and Off Cinema.

  • My heart

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Damian Kocur | 30 min

    Rozalia is a professional actress. She loves her work and cares about self-development, but she knows that it's difficult to achieve success in her profession. At the same time, all by herself, she raises a seven-year-old Kazik, who has problems at school. Rozalia decides to move to Walbrzych, where she gets a job in the theater. The heavy burden of duties in her new job and the challenges of raising her son sometimes overwhelm the woman. However, her natural optimism does not allow her to give up.

  • Not a fairytale

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Zuzanna Karpińska | 21 min

    The story of two teenagers who are entirely different in terms of looks, popularity, and financial situation. Shy Paula is enthralled by the confident and hard-charging Natalia. Her fascination borders on obsession. The addiction leads to a tragic experience in Paula's life. The girls overcome the trauma together and establish a closer relationship.

  • View to the wall

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Kobas Laksa | 29 min

    Kobas Laksa's debut film, featuring the outstanding Fatima Gorbenko and Artem Manuilov, presents the life story of Ukrainian immigrants. Larysa is a flutist and is applying for a job at the local philharmonic, and Boris works as a street mime. Together they make a great couple and take good care of their son Mitia. The unique dramaturgy of the film, well-thought-out camerawork as well as the non-literal presentation of the characters and their story provoke a vast array of emotions.

  • Ondine

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Tomasz Śliwiński | 40 min

    Twenty-something Czarek would like to live a normal life like any of his peers. And apparently, everything seems to be in order; the boy spends his evenings having fun in clubs and at concerts, and his relationship with Emilia is flourishing. Czarek's girlfriend would like him to stay for the night, but she's afraid that he's lying to her. However, she doesn't know why Czarek didn't tell her whole truth about himself. It turns out that he suffers from a very rare, serious disease, which may never let him fall asleep peacefully in his girlfriend's arms.

  • Going for gold

    Poland, 2020 | Director: Ksawery Szczepanik | 61 min

    The story of the legendary Polish pole vaulter - Władysław Kozakiewicz. At the Olympics in Moscow in 1980, Kozakiewicz shows an unsportsmanlike, offensive gesture to the Soviet audience in front of millions of TV viewers. The gesture is considered a political provocation. In Poland dominated by the Soviet Union, Kozakiewicz becomes ... a national hero, gaining popularity and influence. However, when a crisis of form comes, the distinguished pole vaulter is caught by sports activists faithful to the communist regime. Will the pole-loving jumper manage to get back to the top?

  • A problem

    Poland, 2020 | Director: Tomasz Wolski | 15 min

    A dramatic story precisely told by documentary director Tomasz Wolski in a single shot. An unexpected event causes the residents of a block of flats, passing by one another outside every day, to break out of their daily routine and struggles. Everyone has their problems and urgent matters on their minds, everyone is in a hurry, while the titular “problem” — an unconscious man — is lying on the sidewalk. This is a bother not only for bystanders, but also for the service workers. This short story may be seen only as efficient execution of a formal task for the operator and director, but it turns into a tense socio-philosophical reflection on confronting tragedy.

  • Vacancy

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Agata Trzebuchowska | 29 min

    Anna is seemingly an indistinguishable woman, living with her husband and children in a closed housing estate. Her life goes by slowly and she focuses on her daily duties. One day, however, an unexpected breakthrough occurs. Anna walks into the unfinished building in front of her house and decides to stay there. Her loved ones do not know what happened to her or what caused the sudden disappearance. Thanks to long moments of solitude, Anna learns a lot about her neighbors and family, but even more about herself.

  • Restart

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Julian Tałandziewicz | 20 min

    An intrigue combining a crime with a drama film about life choices and unfortunate decisions determining human fate. A young doctor, Janek, is an intern in the hospital and dreams of specializing in cardiology. A day before the interview concerning his future residency, he makes a decision that may have a negative impact on his professional career

  • A Split, or Gombro in Berlin

    Poland, 2004 | Director: Wiesław Saniewski | 60 min

    In 1963, an outstanding Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz came to Berlin from Argentina for a one-year Ford scholarship (currently the DAAD cultural funding programme). The film tells the story of his time in this city. Despite being so close to Poland, he unknowingly moved further away from it during his stay. "Split" is a docu-fiction based on Gombrowicz's "Diary". The writer was played by Wojciech Ziemiański, an actor from Wroclaw. After the pre-premiere screening of the film, Rita Gombrowicz declared that Ziemiański is indistinguishable from Gombrowicz. The film was shot in Berlin and Buenos Aires, as well as in Poland (Gorzów Wielkopolski and Barlinek). The film received a Platinum Remi Award at Houston MFF.

  • Ricochets

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Jakub Radej | 30 min

    Jakub Radej's film references real events that took place in Lubin in 1982. There is martial law. The oppression of the communist regime is causing more and more opposition among the citizens. The main characters of “Ricochets” are two brothers miners who have two different attitudes towards contemporary reality. That leads to a conflict in which balancing moral reasons proves to be extremely difficult.

  • Shadow Flowers

    South Korea, 2019 | Director: Seung-jun Yi | 109 min

    An unusual story of Ryun-hee Kim, a housewife from North Korea, who becomes a citizen of South Korea against her will. Tricked by a Chinese broker, she comes to South Korea in search for a job. It soon becomes clear, that she cannot return to her family, who are living in the “enemy” country. With no passport, she spends seven years, fighting for the chance to go back to her home country. “Shadow Flowers” is a movie about human helplessness, longing for family and fear, that separation reduces us to exist only as fading shadows in the memories of our relatives.

  • Sonny

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Paweł Chorzępa | 41 min

    Complicated family relations, portrayed with wondrous visual sensitivity. “Son” is a story of complex love between alcoholic father and his son, who spent his entire childhood in an orphanage. Marcin, the main character, is trying to build a relationship with his father all over again, in spite of all the harm his parents have caused him. He is also looking for a place in the world that would become his sanctuary.

  • Close2u

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Marek Głuszczak | 26 min

    A world of Internet secrets. Shy Franek starts an unusual job to pay the rent for his room. He poses as attractive girls on a dating portal. He also dreams about having an affair with his manager, who likes decisive and confident guys. Accidentally, he discovers a sad secret of Mr. Bronek, an older man who is his landlord. “So. Close” is a film about human loneliness and unfulfilled expectations.

  • It's good like that

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Marcin Sauter | 23 min

    The visually intriguing debut of Marcin Sauter, an acclaimed photographer, documentary filmmaker, and camera operator. The main character of the film is Nikodem, a professional nature photographer. We observe the man at work and learn about his thoughts and — through retrospection — his personal tragedy. The harsh landscapes of Spitsbergen, vast, empty spaces, and loneliness make the protagonist recall difficult events from his life.

  • Tales from the Prison Cell

    Hungary, Croatia, Great Britain, 2020 | Director: Abel Visky | 82 min

    A creative document about relations between imprisoned fathers and their children, left at home. Movie makers asked three prisoners to write tales for their kids. Then they created three short movies, starring authors of the texts. In his work, Abel Visky, director of “Tales from the Prison Cell”, analyzes the claim, that imagination can set a person free.

  • The Golden Land

    Slovakia, 2020 | Director: Dominik Jursa | 63 min

    It is a shocking story about protection of own identity and dignity, as well as about conflict between respect for nature and progressive globalization. Inhabitants of three neighboring villages in Eastern Slovakia rally in fight against American corporation that wants to use their land. Said land has one elementary advantage: oil fields. Local residents emphasize their attachment to current state of land, based on their love for nature. They protest against land excavation. Which side will win this battle?

  • The Rag King

    Italy, 2019 | Director: Allesandro Di Ronza | 55 min

    History of evolution of costume designing in movie industry in the last 70 years, as told by Catello Russo, provider of secondhand clothes. Catello’s raw talent for finding valuable items of clothing from endless number of clothes in his magazine and designing costumes gained appreciation in the movie industry. Every day “things” from his magazine in Ercolano are delivered to the most prestigious costume stores in the whole world, in order for outfits designers to dress Italian and international movie stars. People of cinema, such as Claudia Cardinale, share unknown anecdotes from movie sets, while being in his incredible workshops.

  • I need your handshakes

    Belarus, 2020 | Director: Andrei Kutsila | 18 min

    A 92-years-old Walentyna lives with her paralyzed daughter in a tight house on a Belarusian province. Since she was born, Tania experienced unimaginable loneliness, taking roots in her condition. Against all odds, she found a way to explore her inner experience, pain, but also beauty of existence. Engaging story of Andriej Kutsily, which includes a huge load of emotions, about immense sacrifice and great power of imagination and poetry, which can replace reality.

  • We have one heart

    Poland, 2020 | Director: Katarzyna Warzecha | 11 min

    Katarzyna Warzecha’s movie is an exceptional hybrid of animation and documentary film, which in a short amount of time successfully combines private, domestic chronicle with a story about life in PRL. “We have one heart” tells  a story of Adam, who, after many years, accidentally learns the truth about his father, whom he has never met. Viewers get to know the fate of the family through many private archives – pictures and letters, which Adam’s parents sent to each other – as well as narration led by Adam’s little son. Movie gained appreciation on festivals such as “Młodzi i Film” (distinction for short documentary film) and “Kameralne Lato” (Special Award).

  • Within me

    Poland, 2019 | Director: Maria Wider | 21 min

    Everything was supposed to be fine: Sandra's friends planned her hen party, everything is prepared for the wedding, and Dawid has already bought a crib for the baby. However, this plan is not coming into life because of a difficult diagnosis. Due to the genetic defects of the fetus, the pregnancy must be terminated. This experience will put Sandra and Dawid's relationship to the test. Did Dawid ask Sandra to marry him only because of the baby? Will they still want to be together after all this?

  • The Fear

    Poland, 2020 | Director: Pawlina Carlucci Sforza | 28 min

    For inhabitants of Przeworsk and Podkarpacie, Dębrzyna forest became a place which reminds them of violent crimes that could not be spoken of for a long time. Shortly after II World War, a group of local residents carried out mass murder on their neighbors, who were coming back from their works in Germany. Propagandist shots presenting cheerful return from war and shocking confessions of bystanders are connected by enormous fear. For eyewitnesses, watching such brutal occurrings changed their lives forever. Scandalous document by Pawlina Carlucci Sforzy received Grand Prix during all-Polish Movie Meetings “Kameralne Lato” in Radom.

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