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10-th Edition

In May the 6th at 6 pm. in the Neptun Cinema at 57 Długa Street the Final Gala of 10th Gdańsk DocFilm Festival (Godność i Praca / Dignity & Work) had place. Jury of 10th Gdańsk DocFilm Festival: Chairman Jacek Petrycki, Astrid Bussink from Amsterdam and Sandeep Marwah awarded the main prize and a special mention.

The main prize “Brama Wolnści” and a financial award of 10 thousands zlotys sponsored by the President of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowicz received the film Crulic – The Path to beyond directed by Anca Damian.

Jury justification: With this award we would like to celebrate the new look on the documentary cinema. The film took us into a deeply emotional journey and touched hearts of Jury. This film is double emotionally and socially engaged and we are grateful to creators for courage to do this realization.

The prize was collected by Arkadiusz Wojnarowski – a producer of the film.

In addition Jury decided to award with a special mention the film: The Last Day of Summer directed by Piotr Stasik ( Poland, 2010, 30 min). The film – according to Jury – shows hopes, fears and failures of young people in a totalitarian regime and future they face in this system. (“The Last Day of Summer” is an emotional journey to the times of childhood and a story about difficulties of entering the world of adults. The film consists of 5 parts. Each of them presents a cadet in different age and his ordinary day. Within one hour we observe the process of growing up – from 7 year old kid who learns how to read to a 17 year old graduate who has to decide about his future. When does the childhood end and when does the adulthood start – What do we lose when our childhood comes to an end?)

A special prize – a statue of Brama Wolności was received by mr Sandeep Marwah for actions for the benefit of understanding the Indian Cinema all over the world.

The audience prize felt to the film ‘Village without women’ directed by Srdjan Sarenac. Among the voting audience the prize was drawed – a DVD player, a gift from Ziaja and flowers. The lucky viewer was mrs Joanna Rześniowiecka.

The Final Gala of the 10th edition was honoured by a special screening of the film 80 million directed by Waldemar Krzystek ( Poland, 2011, 100 min) and a projection of the winning film.

The honorable patronage – The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the President of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowicz. The main sponsor SKOK. The project was able to be realized thanks to bailout from the resources of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, The Gdańsk City Council and The Pomeranian Marshal’s Ofiice.


  1. 3 Days of Freedom – Poland, dir. Łukasz Borowski, 2011, 27 min
  • Chaque jour et demaine – France, dir. Fabrice Main, 2011, 13 min
  • Crulic – The Path To Beyond – Romania/Poland, dir. Anca Damian, 2011, 73 min
  • Doctors – Poland, dir. Tomasz Wolski, 2011, 80 min
  • Hakawati – Poland, dir. Marcin Sauter, 2011, 40 min
  • Himself He Cooks – Belgium, dir. Valerie Bertau, Philippe Witjes, 2011, 65 min
  • Little Matador – Great Britain, Ireland, dir. Sandra Jordan, 2011, 79 min
  • Machine Man – Spain, dir. Roser Corella, Alfonso Moral, 2011, 14 min
  • Marathon Boy – Indie/Great Britain, dir. Gemma Atwal, 2010, 99 min
  • North from Calabria – Poland, dir. Marcin Sauter, 2010, 67 min
  • Odysseus’Gambit – Spain/USA, dir. Alex Lora, 2011, 12 min
  • Paparazzi – Poland, dir. Piotr Bernaś, 2011, 33 min
  • Planet Kirsan – Poland, dir. Magdalena Pięta, 2010, 50 min
  • The Ambassador and me – Switzerland, dir. Jan Czarlewski, 2011, 16 min
  • The last day of the summer – Poland, dir. Piotr Stasik, 2010, 30 min
  • The locker room – Izrael, dir. Eyal Zusman, Nisan Katz, 2009, 51 min
  • The Road Uphill – Luxembourg, dir. Jean-Louis Schuller, 2011, 90 min
  • The way up – Izrael, dir. Shirly Berkovitz, 2009, 52 min
  • Through Ellen’s Ears – Netherlands, dir.Saskia Gubbels, 2011,18 min
  • We will be Happy One Day – Poland, dir. Paweł Wysoczański, 2011, 43 min
  • Village without the women – Serbia, dir. Srdjan Sarenac, 2010, 83 min


  • Agnieszki tu nie ma – Poland, dir. Paweł Jóźwiak-Rodan, 2011, 52 min
  • What Happened on Pam Island – Poland, dir. Eliza Kubarska, 2011, 30 min
  • Księżyc to Żyd – Poland, dir. Michał Tkaczyński, 2011, 18 min
  • Getto gospel – Poland, dir. Kuba Radej, 2011, 56 min
  • La Machina – Poland, dir. Thierry Paladino, Polska, 2010, 52 min
  • Mama, Tata, Bóg i Szatan – Poland, dir. Paweł Jóźwiak – Rodan ,2008 ,43 min
  • Phnom Penh Lullaby – Poland, dir. Paweł Kloc, 2011, 97 min


  • DeWolff – Netherlands, reż. Carin Goeijers, 2011, 80 min
  • Dad Made Dirty Movies – Bulgaria/Germany, dir. Jordan Todorov, 2011, 57 min
  • Gagarinland – Russia, dir. Vladimir Kozlov, 2011, 86 min
  • Grandmothers – Great Britain, dir. Afarin Eghbal, 2011, 9 min
  • Hidden Smile – Spain, dir. Ventura Durall, 2011, 15 min
  • Invisible Policeman – Jordan, dir. Laith Al-Juneidi, 2011, 59 min
  • Kircandly Man – Scottland, dir. Julian Schwanitz, 2011, 18 min
  • Kyteman, Now What? – Netherlands, dir. Menna Laura Meijer, 2011, 87 min
  • My name is Peng – Netherlands, dir. Jahel Guerra Roa, Victoria Molina de Carranza, 2010, 28 min
  • One-Way Ticket To Bussum – Netherlands, dir. Sashia Gubbels, 2011, 18 min

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