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Little World

Spain 2012 reż. Marcel Barrena 84 min

  • Director: Marcel Barrena
  • D.O.P.: Albert Serradó, Víctor Torija
  • Editing: Marcel Barrena, Domi Parra, Luis Rico, Víctor Torija
  • Producer: Marcel Barrena, Víctor Correal, Adrià Cuatrecases, Oriol Maymó, Laia Niubó

30.000 km. 200 days. 20 euros. 4 wheels. Albert Casals is a young boy who moves in a wheelchair since he suffered leukemia whenhe was 5 years old. A circumstance that hasn‘t prevented him from making his dream come true: to travel around the world. And to do it his way: without money, without companions,without luggagge. He has nothing but his imagination, his courage and his sympathy.“Little world” will show us his biggest and craziest challenge: to reach exactly the other sideof the planet. Is it possible to cross the earth in this conditions?Mixing the techniques of the self-shoot with the interviews and the traditional documentary,we will get to know who this young boy is, his love story, his special philosofy of life and his parents way to raise a child.We will see how Albert and his girlfriend Anna go from Barcelona (Spain) to an isolated lighthouse in New Zealand. Or how they fail in the attempt. The journey (and the film) can be considered sheer madness, a lovely romance or an epic adventure. Or perhaps, a bit of everything.

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