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The World Is Mine

Israel 2017 reż. Ann Oren 69 min

Date of show:



2:00 PM


Europejskie Centrum Solidarnści

  • Director: Ann Oren

The director and cosplayer of the cyber diva Hatsune Miku moves to Tokio to be closer to her fans. Hatsune Miku is a “vocaliod” – a software voice bank. To produce it, its makers created a cute manga character that has become a collective fantasy and the star of the “otaku”, a Japanese subculture. Miku’s whole personality, her lines, music, and animation have been created by fans. The film shows a journey to the world in which fantasy is more real than the reality itself and explores the process of discovering identity through cosplay and fandom of the cyber diva. In this creative documentary (faux-documentary) that mirrors everything happening in Miku’s world, the director acts as the main cosplayer and is assisted by the most hardcore fans.

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