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A Legend Will Remain

Poland 1998 reż. Maciej Pieprzyca 28 min

Date of show:



2:30 PM


Sala BHP

  • Director: Maciej Pieprzyca
  • D.O.P.: Dariusz Szymura

The story of a Hungarian town Derenk once inhabited by Poles who had abandoned their homes in Spisz and Orawa in search of a better life. Over the years, the Poles have lived in their own community, maintaining their dialect, traditions and distinct mentality, despite Hungarian pressures. In 1943 the owner of the area where their village was located sold it. Derenk was demolished and the Poles displaced. Approximately 50 displaced families reached the village of Istvanmajor. They lived there, but they still remembered – and do to this day – their Derenk, which became a kind of lost paradise to them.

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