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TOTART or Coming to Senses

Poland 2014 reż. Bartosz Paduch 76 min

  • Director: Bartosz Paduch

The story of TOTART, an artistic group from Gdańsk, whose iconoclastic and quizzical performances would ‘blow up’ the bleak reality of the Communist Poland in the 1980s. The counter-culture and pop-culture members of TOTART were Paweł Końjo Konnak, Ryszard Tymon Tymański, Darek Brzóska Brzóśkiewicz or Paweł Paulus Mazur. Which TOTART’s ideals survived the transformation to the commercialised reality of post-1989 Poland? And what, actually, happened to the spiritual and ideological leader of the group, Zbigniew Sajnóg, who cut himself off from his former milieu and tried to find peace in a cult?

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