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  • The Actress

    Poland, 2015 | Director: Kinga Dębska, Maria Konwicka | 72 min

    A biographic documentary about Elżbieta Czyżewska – one of the greatest Polish actresses and an icon of Polish sixties cinema who died in 2010. She was extremely successful in Poland but the authors of the film focus on her attempts to become popular in the USA, after she suddenly emigrated with her American husband, David Halberstam. Elżbieta Czyżewska's friends talk frankly about her unhappy marriage, about the struggle with alcohol addiction which she won as well as her attempts to come back to Poland. This is the story about the actress's life at different career stages: the peak, the bottom and in between. Winner of the Polish Film Award for the best documentary in 2016.

  • Crazy Horse

    Poland, 1997 | Director: Ryszard Bugajski | 30 min

    An amazing story of Korczak Ziółkowski, a self-taught sculptor, a descendant of Polish emigrants. In 1939, he received the Grand Prix award at the World Exhibition for his marble bust of Ignacy Paderewski. The success drew the attention of the Dakota Indians' chiefs to him. The asked Korczak if he would sculpt the horseback figure of the legendary Crazy Horse, who participated in the victorious battle of Little Big Horn, in the rocks of Black Hills. The sculptor did torturous work in the wild for 35 years. He died from a heart attack in 1982. His wife and seven children continued his project.

  • The Way, The Truth, The Life

    Poland, 2016 | Director: Kinga Dębska | 19 min

    The film, whose title is a reference to the words Jesus says to his disciples during the Last Supper, is an attempt to show the essence of life in Ukraine. John Paul II visited the pour country. The documentary was shot during his trip to Ukraine.

  • Playing Is What I Like the Most

    Poland, 2008 | Director: Kinga Dębska | 28 min

    The film's six year old protagonist, Igor Falecki, is an extremely talented drummer. People were delighted by the way he played even when he was only four. The kindergarten pupil with huge headphones on was deemed a music genius. The little boy from Gdańsk arises interest around the world. Among others, his performances are shown on American TV. What is the future of his musical career?

  • The Silent Child

    Great Britain, 2017 | Director: Chris Overton | 20 min

    A deaf mute four year old girl, Libby, lives in a silent world. It changes, when she meets the caring Joanne, a social worker who shows the girl ways in which she can communicate. The winner of this year's Academy Award for the Best Live Action Short Film. It was based on the script by Rachel Shenton. She wrote it based of her own experience as a child whose parent lost hearing.

  • Spirits of the Dead

    France, Italy, 1968 | Director: Federico Fellini, Roger Vadim, Louis Malle | 121 min

    Three adaptations of Edgara Allana Poe's stories by European cinema masters. They describe people's weakness and their inability to predict or avoid the things that are coming. Countess Frederica, who has an inclination for indulging her desires, wants to seduce her cousin, Wilhelm. The second part's protagonist tells his confessor the story of his double who appears whenever he does something despicable. In the third story, an English actor, Toby, comes to Rome to play a part in a "Catholic Western". There are stars of the past decades in the cast: Jane Fonda, Brigitte Bardot, Alain Delon and Terence Stamp.

  • Like Father, Like Son

    Poland, 2001 | Director: Ryszard Bugajski | 59 min

    The film is a part of the Polish Holidays cycle. It is a tragicomic tale about life, passing away and fate, which one cannot escape. A story of three generations. A grandfather, father and son are together again. However, they all realise it will not last long. The father is losing a battle with a dangerous disease. Ryszard has only a few months ahead of him. However, the meeting which the junior has organised on Father's Day will teach them a lot and let them overcome the barriers which divide them, understand the meaning of life, let out their grudges and grievances, strengthen the family bonds, appease conflicts and clarify the past misunderstandings or disputes. The film got the Jury's Award at the 2002 Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

  • Blindness

    Poland, 2016 | Director: Ryszard Bugajski | 110 min

    The story of the last years of Julia Brystygierowa - the infamous Bloody Luna, a 50s secret police officer. Brystygierowa was the head of the 5th and 6th department at the Ministry of Public Security. Parties, organisations and religious groups were her focus. She was an active participant of the communists' campaign against the Catholic Church, the Evangelical and Jehovah Witnesses. At the end of her life, she became close to the Institute for the Blind in Laski near Warsaw and she died as a devoted Catholic. A fantastic part by Maria Mamona for which she was granted the Jancio Wodnik award at the Polish Film Art Festival Prowincjonalia in Września.

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