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  • 2 Girls

    Italy, 2016 | Director: Marco Speroni | 52 min

    Although the heroines of the film come from two different places - Bangladesh and Ethiopia - their lives are similar. Both have difficult experiences behind them - they grew up in the countryside, struggled with poverty, were victims of violence, and had to decide to flee their homelands. Paradoxically, in spite of the many problems that have affected them, they have become strong women who look forward to the future.

  • The Sound of Winter

    Belgium, Switzerland, 2016 | Director: Tizian Büchi | 27 min

    A poetic portrait of which the protagonist is Max – a Swiss farmer living and working on a secluded farm in the Jura mountains. When winter comes time drags on and gets the imagination going. Especially in a place like Fairy Hill.

  • Sing

    Hungary, 2016 | Director: Kristof Deak | 25 min

    Academy Award-winning picture by Kristof Deak tells the story of a student named Zsofi who has trouble settling into a new school. Singing in the celebrated school choir is her only solace. In spite of this, it appears that the choir supervisor is not as inspirational a teacher as it is commonly believed. Zsofi is faced with a difficult choice –to confront a corrupt system or to humbly fit in. "Sing" is a fact-based drama about a childhood filled with a lot of background music, set in post-socialist Budapest.

  • The Wizard of U.S.

    Poland, 2016 | Director: Balbina Bruszewska | 23 min

    "The Wizard of U.S." is a amusing, ironic, animated collage that uses the motifs of American novels to show how Los Angeles meets the American Dream. The film is about the insights and doubts of those who want to be "the voice of their generation's emigration" and are trying their hand at Hollywood.

  • The Gift

    Poland, 2016 | Director: Przemysław Kamiński | 58 min

    Jurij walks on hot coals barefoot, mesmerizes people and puts them in deep sleep. However, when he rests from his profession of a bioenergy therapist and a spectacular Fidini filmmaker, he assumes the role of a memorable, reflective son who tries to figure out his life with his old father while mourning his mother's death. Who is Jurij when he enters the stage among the enchanted audience and who does he become when he returns to his Ukrainian family home in the centre of the Orthodox world?

  • Methane Ghosts

    United States, 2016 | Director: William Randall | 10 min

    This experimental documentary presents the influence of humans on the environment. Households produce tons of trash impossible to process. Nature becomes humans’ victim - is it a deliberate act or mere neglect? There are many questions of this kind that the viewer has to find answers to,

  • Two Worlds

    Poland, 2016 | Director: Maciej Adamek | 50 min

    Twelve-year-old Laura lives with her deaf parents. The girl guides them in everyday life –she translates to sign language the information necessary to understand what is being said at meetings, parent-teacher nights or formal conversations in which they participate. Viewers observe the everyday life of a child who is exceptionally mature for her age, far more aware of reality than her peers.

  • Grandma's Day

    Poland, 2015 | Director: Miłosz Sakowski | 30 min

    The main character, Tomek, deceives an elderly woman (Anna Dymna) pretending to be her grandson. When it seems that everything is going according to plan, the woman suddenly unmasks the impostor and traps him in the apartment. The elderly woman offers him a deal. Tomek gets the money, but he has to pretend to be her grandson in front of the social worker who will come to see if the frail woman has someone to take care of her. If it turns out she is all alone, the woman could be moved to a retirement home.

  • Day After Day

    Poland, 1988 | Director: Irena Kamieńska | 16 min

    A shocking story about female twins, employed by the Transbud company in Katowice. At the beginning of the 1950s they had jobs, which involved transport and unloading of bricks. The sad reality of a life filled with hard work in which only a very pale memory of enthusiasm and dreams remains, and is washed out by daily experiences of poverty and hopelessness. One of the critics wrote that when watching the film you feel the inescapable hopelessness of the protagonists’ situation.

  • Voices from Faraway Places

    Poland, 1992 | Director: Irena Kamieńska | 43 min

    A picture made in cooperation with Andrzej Piekutowski. It shows the fate of the Poles sent to Kazakhstanin 1940. Work in kolkhozes, severe winters, constant hunger and lack of contact with families in Poland led many to extreme physical and mental exhaustion. They often died in loneliness and misery, without any hope. When the NKVD was forced to persuade those who survived to change their nationality from Polish to Russian, they knew that their Polish documents were the last thread connecting them with their homeland.

  • Import

    The Netherlands, 2016 | Director: Ena Sendijarevic | 17 min

    After obtaining a residence permit in 1994, a young family of Bosnian refugees reaches a small village in the Netherlands. When they try to make this new world their home, they fall into increasingly absurd troubles.

  • I’m a Killer

    Poland, 2016 | Director: Maciej Pieprzyca | 117 min

    Awarded with Silver Lions at the Gdynia Film Festival I’m a Killer is a thriller inspired by the true story of Zdzisław Marchwicki sentenced in the circumstantial trial in the renowned case of the “Vampire of Zagłębie”. The roles played with bravura by Arkadiusz Jakubik and Agata Kulesza were awarded with Eagles, the Awards of the Polish Film Academy.

  • Kis

    Russia, 2015 | Director: Svetlana Bolycheva | 21 min

    The protagonist is a protestant priest living in the far Russian countryside. The grey monotony of his lonely existence is brightened up by the friendship with a white cat, which sometimes has to be taken down from a tall ladder, and sometimes left alone for two long weeks. The titular Kis doesn’t leave the priest’s side and God forbid if anything were to happen to him…

  • Communion

    Poland, 2016 | Director: Anna Zamecka | 72 min

    When adults play house, children must grow up quickly. Fourteen-year-old Ola looks after the house, her father as well as a disabled brother and works on her relationship with her mother who lives elsewhere; but most of all, she tries to reunite her family. "Communion" discovers beauty in the rejected and strength in the weakest. This is a speedy lesson in maturity which teaches us that no failure is final. Especially where love is involved.

  • Who's Gonna Love Me Now

    Israel, 2016 | Director: Tomer Heymann, Barak Heymann | 84 min

    The story of Saar, a young homosexual Jew living in London whose passion is singing in a male choir. Saar had to leave Israel because of his sexual orientation. He wanted to live his own life. However, the protagonist did not cease to fight for acceptance and keeping his ties with his very religious family, which remains in Israel. Life faces him with another very difficult challenge. During a conversation with his mother, his father and siblings try to name the problem that divides them, so that he can become a part of the community again and still be himself.

  • League of Exotique Dancers

    Canada, 2016 | Director: Rama Rau | 90 min

    The film’s heroines are retired burlesque dancers. Stories full of nostalgia and distance to their own work about their professional experience and personal life are interwoven with reflections on feminism, transience and the way people approach sex. Viewers also watch the heroine's daily life and their preparation for the solemn gala of former burlesque dancers.

  • Mirrored Mountains. Altay

    France, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, 2016 | Director: Aleksandra Marchenko | 44 min

    The story is set in the Siberian part of the Altay Mountains. The viewer’s eyes are met with scenic views and monumental nature in photographs. Although life is not easy for the inhabitants of this place, as a lot of effort and determination is required of them, consorting with nature brings them answers to questions that trouble them.

  • Mother

    Poland, 2013 | Director: Łukasz Ostalski | 30 min

    Małgorzata (Danuta Stenka), an important politician by day, goes to a lake house. Her son, a drug addict, needs help. Malgorzata asks her daughter for assistance. On the spot they discover a semi-conscious boy and a massacred body of a young girl. Faced with tragedy, their relations get complicated and reveal hidden traumas. The mother must make the hardest decision in life.

  • Little Bucharest

    Belgium, 2016 | Director: Sam Geyskens | 21 min

    A tragicomic depiction of the place where truck drivers from Eastern Europe rest. Every weekend they gather in parking lots such as the titular "Little Bucharest". Together they try to overcome their homesickness and share their problems. They are brought together by their hard work and difficult living conditions away from loved ones for whom they seek to ensure a better future.

  • My Daughter Nora

    Belgium, France, 2016 | Director: Jasna Krajinovic | 15 min

    Samira says with sincere regret that she finally understands what her daughter wanted to tell her between the lines before leaving. Nora left Belgium for Syria in May 2013 to join the jihad. Her mother Samira does her best to bring her daughter back home. She takes off to Syria...

  • The Sea You Have to Love

    Austria, Croatia, 2016 | Director: Patrick Wally | 28 min

    A film about the conflicting experiences of freedom and instability. A story of two captains who share their love for the sea and a fisherman’s profession, that is becoming redundant. The creators accompany the crew of a small fishing boat where the feeling of romanticism connected with sea voyages is bound to observing the rawness of fishermen’s everyday life.

  • Mr. Gaga

    Israel, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, 2015 | Director: Tomer Heymann | 103 min

    „Mr. Gaga” isthe most interesting dance film since Pina (Variety). At the same time, it has received many audience awards at various international festivals. This film lets you understand the relation between our bodies and their movements with our emotions. „Mr. Gaga” is a story of a genius choreographer, Ohad Naharin, who has been the head of Batsheva Dance Company, the most famous contemporary dance theatre form Israel. The director, Tomer Heymann accompanied the artist for 8 years, to depict his life as well as his amazing evolution as a dancer, an artist and a man. Heymann recorded the choreographer's private life, the dance group's rehearsals as well as the classes teaching GAGA – the movement language, which Naharin has developed. It allows anyone to express his or her emotions through dance. Together with the previously unseen archive materials as well as extracts from Batsheva's dance shows, we get a fascinating story of a men who has revolutionised the contemporary dance world. Movement is a way of understanding yourself. If you listen to your body carefully, you will go beyond your limitations. Ohad Naharin

  • Whatever the Weather

    Switzerland, 2015 | Director: Remo Scherrer | 12 min

    An animated movie about the hardships of an 8 year old who has an alcohol-addicted mother. Wally fights for her life every single day as it becomes increasingly completed. The girl does her best to maintain her family’s normalcy. Overwhelming demands, helplessness and despair shape her childhood.

  • A Night in Tokoriki

    Romania, 2016 | Director: Roxana Stroe | 18 min

    In the impromptu nightclub called "Tokoriki" the entire village celebrates the 18th birthday of Geanin. Her boyfriend and Alin provide the girl with the most surprising gift. One that no one will ever forget.

  • Nutag - Homeland

    Canada, 2016 | Director: Alisi Telengut | 6 min

    This short, somewhat surreal, non-fiction animation tells the story of the mass deportations of the Kalmyk population inhabiting the Soviet Union. When in 1943 the Kalmyk Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was dissolved, its inhabitants had to abandon their previous lives. Many of them failed to return after the war.

  • The Shepherd

    Netherlands, 2016 | Director: Joost Van der Wiel | 22 min

    The devotion of a 92-year-old family doctor who has, unchangeably, for almost 60 years taken care of his sensitive patients. He advises them on the phone on a daily basis and pays visits to the sick in their flats. His biggest enemies are medical insurers who pressure the elderly doctor, criticizing his old-fashioned methods. Supported by his wife he fights everything he thinks of as wrong in the modern health system.

  • Sand Men

    United Kingdom, 2016 | Director: Tal Amiran | 14 min

    The protagonists of the film are three unusual artists. Male Romanian immigrants create unique sand sculptures on the streets of London. They tell their stories to the audience: they have come to the UK in search of a better life, driven by poverty and lack of perspective. Creating sand sculptures gives them a sense of purpose and allows them to forget unpleasant experiences for a moment.

  • First Pole on Mars

    Poland, 2016 | Director: Agnieszka Elbanowska | 37 min

    Kazimierz Błaszczak is a dreamer. In Cieszęcin, in the county of Wieruszów, he installed a huge radio telescope to observe alien planets. He has submitted his candidature to the Mars One program and proceeds to the next selection stages. If he succeeds in qualifying he will be the first Pole in history to land on Mars and will never return.

  • A Farewell to All That

    Spain, 2017 | Director: David Muñoz | 28 min

    The main character of this autothematic document is an older man who goes to the mountains in search of music. He takes with him a camera on which he records both the monumental nature surrounding him with its innate sounds and the people he meets on his way. Film critics who watch and evaluate a man's work are inclined to reflect on the sensitivity of the film operator.

  • Real Honey

    Poland, 2012 | Director: Sławomir Witek | 18 min

    Krystyna, the main character, is a sixty-year-old poor pensioner from a remote province who sells home-made honey. One day Russian prostitutes begin to work near her hut. Krystyna does not like the new company. She soon falls into conflict with one of the girls and inadvertently comes into possession of her wallet with a daily rundown. Contrary to the protagonist’s expectations, subsequent events bring them closer to each other.

  • By Knockout

    Poland, 1995 | Director: Maciej Pieprzyca | 30 min

    A documentary devoted to the tragic fate of the outstanding Polish boxer Leszek Błażyński, a European champion and two-time bronze Olympic medalist, who committed suicide in 1992 leaving behind two adolescent sons. Prior to those events, despite her long fight for life, his wife had died as a result of serious injuries she had acquired due to a tragic accident. Błażyński's life is a mixture of success and catastrophes. The shows how despair slowly consumes someone, for whom the Polish National Anthem was played and a sea of champagne was poured. Maciej Pieprzyca's diploma film.

  • Dogs of Democracy

    Australia, 2016 | Director: Mary Zournazi | 58 min

    A documentary essay on the waves of protests and demonstrations, homeless dogs and their caretakers. It takes place in the heart of the birthplace of democracy on the streets of Athens. A story of love and loyalty as well as the eternal aspirations and the longings of animals and people for democracy.

  • Workers

    Poland, 1980 | Director: Irena Kamieńska | 16 min

    A renowned picture about the employees of the Krosno Linen Industry Plant, awarded the Grand Prix - "Golden Dragon" at the International Short Film Festival in Cracow. Kamieńska's film depicts the daily duties and problems of the title women who had to work in conditions reminiscent of a penitentiary. A shocking picture about which Maria Malatyńska wrote: "The Face, hands, feet cast suddenly in front of the eyes of the audience speak more about the treatment of humans than the most fiery rally speeches could."

  • Timecode

    Spain, 2016 | Director: Juanjo Gimenez | 15 min

    A Golden Palm winner in Cannes, and an Oscar nominee which tells the story of two parking lot security guards. Luna works the dayshift and Diego works nights.

  • Urban Cowboys

    Poland, 2016 | Director: Paweł Ziemilski | 30 min

    Can a horse save the life of a young man? The story of an incredible friendship between 14-year-old Dylan and wild mare Shelly, which takes place on the streets of one of Dublin’s districts. Despite the ban on taming wild horses and numerous adversities, the close relationship between man and horse gets even closer. Dylan becomes an urban cowboy and escapes criminal dangers typical of this part of Ireland.

  • In the Corner

    Poland, 2015 | Director: Maciej Bartosz Kruk | 21 min

    Twenty-year-old Iza prepares for an important boxing match under her father's watch. Shortly before the fight, the father offers his daughter the possibility to cheat her opponent. Iza is faced with the choice between her dreams and what she has always believed in.

  • Enemies Within

    France, 2016 | Director: Selim Azzazi | 27 min

    The story is set in the 1990s, when terrorism in France became the main source of fear. An interrogation at the local police station of a man of Algerian origin, suspected of being in contact with potential terrorists, turns into an act of inquisition. One man decides about the future of the other. 2017 Oscar nominee.

  • Borderline Miracles

    Poland, 2016 | Director: Tomasz Jurkiewicz | 50 min

    One day, Wiesław Koneczny did not appear in the mine, and that day a tragic accident occurred at his workplace. Since then, the protagonist of the film has been collecting and documenting folk legends, penning his neighbours’ personal stories, looking for ghosts and gathering witness accounts of contact with the supernatural world. His wife, Genowefa, helps him on this mission. A witty story about passion and mystery.

  • Always Ready to Travel

    Poland, 2017 | Director: Anna Wiśniewska | 53 min

    A musical road trip film about Piotr Klimek, a composer from Szczecin. The composer spends his time on the road executing various musical projects. We get to see what his work consists of and the diversity of styles in the music composed by him.

  • A Legend Will Remain

    Poland, 1998 | Director: Maciej Pieprzyca | 28 min

    The story of a Hungarian town Derenk once inhabited by Poles who had abandoned their homes in Spisz and Orawa in search of a better life. Over the years, the Poles have lived in their own community, maintaining their dialect, traditions and distinct mentality, despite Hungarian pressures. In 1943 the owner of the area where their village was located sold it. Derenk was demolished and the Poles displaced. Approximately 50 displaced families reached the village of Istvanmajor. They lived there, but they still remembered - and do to this day - their Derenk, which became a kind of lost paradise to them.

  • Life, Animated

    USA, 2016 | Director: Roger Ross Williams | 92 min

    An extremely warm and moving documentary confirming the maxim that life itself writes the best stories. When at the age of three Owen Suskind began to lose the ability to walk and talk, modern medicine was unable to help him. His future looked quite bleak. Walt Disney Animations came to the rescue, thanks to which the boy began to gradually react to the stimuli reaching him from the TV screen and communicate with his immediate family. The film was nominated for this year's Oscars.

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