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Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieślak

Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieślak

Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieślak (1951) – a character actress who starred in many films including Trzeba zabić tę miłość (This Love Must be Killed) (1972) as Magda, Polskie Drogi (Polish Roads) (1976) directed by Morgenstern as Basia Białasówka, Pani Bovary to ja (Madame Bovary is me) directed by Zbigniew Kamieński as Anna, and in Sam na sam (One-on-one) directed by Andrzej Kostenko (both in 1977), Jan Serce (Jan Heart) (1981) directed by Piwowarski as Mgiełka, Inne Spojrzenie (Different Way) (1982) directed by Károly Makk as Eva, for which she received an award in Cannes, Wkrótce Nadejdą Bracia (The Brothers Will Come Soon) (1985) directed by Kurtz as Ada, 300 mil do nieba (300 Miles to Heaven) (1989) directed by Mirosław Dembiński as the Mother, and in Rysa (Scratch) (2008) directed by Michał Rosa as Joanna.
On the stage: in Drama Theatre she starred in Elektra (1974) directed by Dejmek, King Lear (1977) directed by Jarocki as Regan, Noc listopadowa (November Night) directed by Prus as Medea and Kora (both in 1978), Szósty stopień oddalenia (Six Degrees of Separation) directed by her husband, Piotr Cieślak, as Kitty, in Historyja o chwalebnym zmartwychwstaniu pańskim (the Story of the Glorious Resurrection) directed by Piotr Cieplak as Mary, Elektra directed by Warlikowski as Klitajmestra, Końcówka (The Ending) directed by Libera as Nel (both in 1997), Salome (2000) as Herodias, Wymazywanie (Extinction) (2001) as the Mother, Niedokończony utwór autora (An Author’s Unfinished Work) as Paulina, Sztuka hiszpańska (the Spanish Play) directed by Lupa as Aurelia (both in 2004), and in Opowieści o zwyczajnym szaleństwie (A Story of an Ordinary Madness) (2005) directed by Glińska.
In the Polish Theatre she starred in: Romulus Wielki (Romulus the Great) directed by Dejmek as Rea (1985) and Hekabe (2011), Mąż i żona (Husband and Wife) (1977) directed by Hanuszkiewicz as Aniela and Elwira in the National Theatre, Dante 1992 directed by Szajna as Beatrice in Studio, T.E.O.R.E.M.A.T. (T.H.E.O.R.E.M.) directed by Jarzyna as Emilia in the Variety Theatre, and in Namiętności (Passion) directed by Cywińska as miss Shapiro in Athenaeum (both in 2009).
She says: “Self-centredness is an inherent part of this profession. If you don’t want people to like you, go sell vegetables. Let’s be honest, an actor has to be a vain person in this respect. Otherwise you have no business here.”

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