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18th Gdańsk DocFilm Festival Competition Regulations

    Gdańsk DocFilm Festival, with its international nature, is a contest of documentary films and footages focusing mainly on:

  • situation of a human being as an individual as well as group of employees in the work environment,
  • personal activity and development in every form,
  • passion and creative activity,
  • human dignity, ethics and respect for human rights.
    The aim of the Festival:

  • The gathering at the same time and at the same place the Polish and foreign output dealing with the problems close to the idea of the Festival.
  • Promotion of Polish and foreign films work related to the Festival idea – creative confrontation of films related to the Festival profile.
  • Selection and awarding of the most precious works and their authors.

– Date of the Festival: 30th November 2020 – 2nd December 2020
– Film presentations: Gdańsk, Nadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury /NCK/ ul. Korzenna 33/35, 80 – 851 Gdańsk
– Festival Producer: Association of Film Education. 80-855 Gdańsk, ul. Wały Piastowskie 24/19; :
– Co-organisers: Office of the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship, City Hall of Gdańsk
– The Programme and Artistic Council supervises the Festival /P&AC/.
P&AC – calls into being the 3 – person Jury and the Jury Chairman. he members of the Jury cannot be permanently or temporarily employed by the Festival Bureau.
The Festival Organisers cover all the expenses of the Jury members related to their accommodation and work. The Festival Producer calls into being the Organisational Bureau of the Festival which is directly responsible for all the work related to preparation and the course of the Festival.

– Documentary films and short fiction films submitted by the their authors and producers take part in the contest.
– The deadline for the admission is 15th July 2020. The qualification for the contest is made by the Programme and Artistic Council upon the application of the 3 – person Selection Committee (constituted by the Council).
– Applicants must register their work via the platform Film Festival Life, from 1st April 2020 until 15th July 2020. On the platform, applicants must fill in the registration form and submit the film.
– When submitting short fiction films, an application form must be filled in on our website: from 1st April 2020 to 15th July 2020
– Films qualified for the contest are available for the Festival Organisers for free.

– Following film formats are accepted: BluRay or DCP (preferable), 35 mm, H264 files, HDCAM.
– Films produced in years 2018 – 20120 can be submitted for the Festival.
– The copy of the film used in the contest is automatically put into the Festival archive at the Festival end.
– Film submitters agree to free of charge usage of
maximum 30 seconds film excerpts chosen by the Organiser for the purpose of the 18th
GDFF promotion in the area of Festival, its media and publications.
– The list of Polish and foreign guests invited to participate in the Festival,
whose expenses are covered by the Festival is set by the Programme and Artistic Council. The participation must be confirmed by 10th November 2020,
– The Festival Organisers can invite to the Festival those people whose presence is acknowledged as important to the idea and course of the Festival. Expenses of those people stay during the Festival are covered by the Festival founds.

– THE MAIN AWARD of the Festival (In the main documentary competition)– the Statuette GATE OF FREEDOM and the cash prize founded by the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk in the gross amount of 20,000 PLN (or its equivalence in Euro/USD calculated by the exchange rate given by the Polish National Bank), reduced by the income tax according to the financial law of the country founding the prize.
– Statuette GDAŃSK CRANES and the cash prize founded by the Polish Filmmakers Association in the gross amount of 5,000 PLN for the winner of the main award for the best Polish short fiction film. The MAIN AWARDS in both documentary and Polish short fiction competitions are granted solely to the films’ directors in recognition of artistic and craft values of the presented films. The awards are granted by Juries which are appointed by the Programme and Artistic Council. – The AUDIENCE AWARD – GATE OF FREEDOM statuette granted solely by the cinema audience, through voting on the cards attached to tickets for screenings. This category pertains to both documentary competition and Polish short fiction competition. – All films which receive awards and special mentions will receive diplomas.

Within the period of 3 months from the end of the Festival, the Festival Director will present to the Programme and Artistic Council the financial report of the organisation of the Festival. Any surplus to the budget will be allocated to the budget for the organisation of the Festival in year 2021.
The submission of the film to the Festival is synonymous to the acceptance of these Regulations.

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